Top tips from Kent surveying company

Buildings Insurance
Upon exchange of contracts, you will be responsible for insuring the property.  Before you make a legal commitment to purchase the property, you should satisfy yourself full, comprehensive, and unrestricted building insurance cover is available.  To this end, it would be prudent to show a copy of any survey report to your proposed insurers as soon as possible and certainly before you make a legal commitment to purchase the property.  Your legal adviser should seek confirmation from insurers they will provide satisfactory cover.

Conservation area consent
If you think the property is in a conservation area you should ask your legal adviser to confirm this and explain the implications of owning a property in this type of area.  Typical issues include having to obtain permission from the Local Authority before you repair, alter or renovate the outside of the property and having to use traditional building materials and experienced contractors.

Any changes that are made to a property with regards to repairs, maintenance or alterations should be in keeping with the character of both the building and the area.  Care should be taken to match original materials and methods of construction.

Listed Building Consent
Listed Building Consent must be granted before changes can be made which would affect the structure’s level of specific interest.  The procedure is similar to that required to gain planning permission.  The listing protection includes not only the outside, but the inside as well, and covers changes such as the replacement of windows or doors, knocking down internal walls, painting over brickwork and altering fireplaces etc.